Modern-day Caravan

Becky Abroad

Saturday was a rough day for me, kiddos. Definitely not in terms of anything I did or that happened-literally went into work for a couple of hours, wrote some lesson plans, came home- but rather in terms of all the things I didn’t get to do. Pretty much every event minus one that I dreaded missing by coming to Cairo happened in that 24 hours. I missed a Tough Go Ruck event with people I love from my crossfit gym (aka a military tribute/training-based all-night event you shouldn’t even consider unless you’re bizarrely masochistic), one of my dear friends from high school got married, and my family packed up for the annual trip to Estes Park Colorado to meet up with my dad’s entire side. (Colorado is essentially the best, I love going there, and it’s killing me to get texts saying everyone is sitting in my uncle’s insanely peaceful backyard…

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